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When you open a dashboard, Domo CenterView Builder opens in the Dashboard Editor view, which includes interface components. For more information about the editor views, see Domo CenterView Builder Editors.


The user interface panes in Domo CenterView Builder help you build your dashboard. The window panes are located within the Domo CenterView Builder application window.

Window Pane



Project Browser/File Browser


Shows the files associated with the dashboard. Offers a logical structure view and a file type view. To switch between views, click the Project and Files tabs at the bottom of the pane.

Object Browser


Provides a hierarchical object view of the dashboard.



Displays a "designer view" of the currently selected entity. The Workspace updates in real time as objects in the Object Browser are navigated and child elements are added or changed. For information about previewing in a Web browser, see Previewing in Web Browser.

Object Properties


Lists the properties that can be set on the object currently selected in the Object Browser. Also includes a short description or examples of the selected property. For more information, click the Help button to see information in the XML Object Reference.

Object Palette


Lists the child tags that can be added to the object currently selected in the Object Browser.


Tip: You can expand or collapse the panes on the left or right by clicking the icons at the edge of the pane. When editing an object using the Workspace or the Object Browser, if the Object Properties pane is collapsed, then the Object Properties fields appear in a dialog box.

For more information about the Domo CenterView Builder interface, see the following topics:

For information about user preferences, see Domo CenterView Builder Preferences.
For information about the files that make up a dashboard, see Dashboard Data.

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